Emily Bryan

Artist, Photographer, Graphic Designer, Tattoo Artist

A little about me

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my portfolio.


My name is Emily Bryan. I like to wear several hats. I like a good challenge. I like a good list because I am a Virgo.


Over the Last 10+ years I have been on a journey to learn everything I can about the world of design.


I like a challenge. I love a problem to solve. If I can do it with design, even better.


I have moved through the design world in the last 8 years and realized I also have a love for the numbers. I love to A/B test, I love to see the user retention and acquisition results to really see what makes our players click on and ad.


I have taken these learnings and started my own passion project. I work with the queer community and find upcoming events and put spend and creative behind their efforts to show them how creating online campaigns can impact their cause and how they can translate clicks to monetary value, as well as create visibility for their cause.


I put $10 weekly spend behind an event of my choosing for the week and promote the image. Mainly on IG because that is where my demographic lies. I run the campaign and then go over the results and give some useful tips that I have learned to help people I care about succeed.


I choose to work largely with the demographic that is underserved and underrepresented. I want to create a platform of humans that are constantly overlooked and show the world what they have to offer. Serve, empower, and build a community that creates effective change.