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Production Design


As a production designer, I would come up with initial concepts, work closely with department and project leads to define the campaign direction and message. I would then build out several assets based off the approved comp into several different marketing sizes for multiple platforms like facebook, instagram, twitter, TikTok and email.

production design

Graphic Design

mtion design

Motion Design

As a motion designer, I have experience using Adobe After Effects and Premier. Creating videos for company branding, game previews, music videos, and event production. 

game design

Game Design

Below is an example a In-app game that I worked with Product owners and the dev team to create. The campaigns were mini games designed to create incentives to help increase daily revenue and daily log ins. The video is a sped up example of the game assets and characters I created, then committed to an internally developed testing tool and dev environment. The game board assets included the logo design, game characters, CSS, a 6 spot board, and a finally screen.  

brand dev

Brand Development

Below is an example of a simple set of brand guidelines I set up for Alki Beach Pride. With Logo, vision, typography, and color scheme. We then built our a campaign design for their 2021 event. 


Logo Design

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